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Cookie 911

So why the name Cookie 911? What does it mean? Well my whole life my dad has always baked amazing chocolate chip cookies. He taught me his recipe and I have made them ever since. Not only is the recipe coming from one of my favorite humans but that man also happens to be a firefighter and has been for the past 30+ years. Fast forward to my adult life, my wonderful husband happens to be a police officer! So two of the most important humans in my life are both first responders. The name Cookie 911 was to honor them.

Also as a bonus through this company, you're not only getting fresh warm cookies delivered right to your home, but a portion of all our sales goes to local non-profit organizations that help first responders in their time of need. One of those organizations is the Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund, an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. With every order through Cookie 911 a portion of the money will go straight to them to continue to help those who serve us.

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